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Comparison of MinGW and Cygwin Configurations

The machine used for these tests is a Dell Dimension 4600, 266GHz, 504Mb RAM. No other tasks were running during a test run. To determine any differences due to the virus scanner on Windows, I ran a test run with it enabled then disabled the virus scanner for the next test run.

ProgramLinux: Ubuntu-9.10Windows: MinGW with McAfee enabledWindows: MinGW with McAfee disabledWindows: Cygwin with McAfee enabledWindows: Cygwin with McAfee disabled
Example00.0003 sec0.047 secmin no mcafee0.031 sec0.062 sec
Example10.0038 sec0.11 secmin no mcafee0.078 sec0.125 sec
Example20.057 sec0.34 secmin no mcafee0.375 sec0.296 sec
Example30.53 sec0.75 sec0.359 sec0.719 sec0.781 sec
Example40.045 sec0.19 sec0.46 sec0.359 sec0.375 sec
Example50.232 sec1.39 sec1.620 sec2.703 sec1.406 sec
Example63.70 sec5.66 sec5.546 sec6.140 sec6.109 sec
Example70.12 sec0.45 sec0.155 sec0.453 sec0.437 sec
Example80.11 sec0.44 sec0.125 sec0.734 sec0.687 sec
Example90.12 sec0.47 sec0.125 sec0.718 sec0.703 sec
Example1010.32 sec15.50 sec15.14 sec17.093 sec17.046 sec
Example10XHTML11.25 sec19.29 sec15.59 sec17.984 sec17.968 sec
Example111.12 sec2.39 sec1.28 sec2.015 sec1.984 sec
Example120.82 sec3.42 sec1.28 sec3.468 sec1.390 sec
Example130.875 sec1.44 sec0.72 sec1.75 sec1.203 sec
Example140.44 sec2.64 sec2.16 sec3.156 sec1.484 sec
Example150.34 sec0.80 sec0.28 sec0.984 sec0.812 sec
Example166.42 sec8.81 sec6.30 sec9.360 sec6.906 sec
Example170.20 sec0.70 sec0.25 sec0.609 sec0.625 sec
Example1845 min 7 sec40 min 29 sec41 min 14 sec53 min 17 sec53 min 5 sec
Example193.52 sec4.21 sec3.75 sec5.375 sec4.515 sec
Example2023 min 57 sec34 min 19 sec34 min 13 sec29 min 55 sec29 min 44 sec
Example214 min 35 sec3 min 57 sec3 min 59 sec4 min 53 sec4 min 52 sec
Example2227 min 45 sec35 min 28 sec34 min 42 sec31 min 7 sec30 min 55 sec
Example235 min 37 sec5 min 12 sec5 min 16 sec6 min 40 sec6 min 9 sec
Example247.62 sec8.52 sec7.72 sec9.61 sec9.656 sec
Example2518 min 41 sec23 min 57 sec22 min 29 sec43 min 23 sec38 min 29 sec
Example2610 hr 5 min 11 sec12 hr 42 min 55 sec12 hr 31 min 4 sec19 hr 16 min 38 sec17 hr 41 min 50 sec
Example26Q50.11 sec1 min 8 sec54 sec1 min 56 sec1 min 20 sec
Example26LJ27.37 sec26.91 sec27.16 sec39.52 sec39.19 sec
Example278 min 46 sec8 min 54 sec8 min 45 sec8 min 0 sec7 min 54 sec
NewExample279 min 10 sec9 min 23 sec9 min 17 sec8 min 24 sec8 min 18 sec
Example284 min 38 sec4 min 34 sec4 min 42 sec4 min 12 sec4 min 7 sec